Signature Delights Set Menu (Per person)

Enjoy an array of Ah Yung Kitchen’s signature gourmet dishes with the new “Signature Delights Set Menu” starting from HK$780. The menu includes Braised Whole Shark's Fin in Claypot, Braised Farmed Yoshihama Dried Abalone (30ppk) with Goose Web, Crispy Whole Fish Mall in Sichuan Sauce, Fried Rice with Conpoy and Scallions, Almond Cream with Egg White. A complimentary of Deep-fried Crispy Chicken will be offered for two persons or above. To pamper your appetite, guest can upgrade to enjoy 25ppk or 18pkk Farmed Yoshihama Dried Abalone at a special price from HK$100.

Upgrade to the Farmed Yoshihama Dried Abalone (25ppk) with an additional HK$100.
Upgrade to the Farmed Yoshihama Dried Abalone (18ppk) with an additional HK$400.

Opening hour : 11:30am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Terms & Conditions  
  • The offer does not include tea and condiments charge, and subject to 10% service charge based on the original price. Please settle the payment at the restaurant.
  • All orders must be redeemed on your selected location, any unredeemed order after the redemption date is invalid and will not be accepted and refunded.
  • All reservations are subject to availability.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after successfully placing your order; If you have any question, please contact [email protected]
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  • Please refer to general terms & conditions for more information.
  • In the case of any disputes, Nina Hospitality Company Limited reserves the right of final decision.
HK $780.00
HK $880.00
HK $1,180.00
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